Are you a busy working parent?

Do you want to make the limited time you have with your children as happy and memorable as possible?

Wonder Toddlers Club is for busy parents like you, offering short and simple video parenting lessons and eBooks to help you understand your toddlers better and save you time and stress.

Do you have a lot of questions about your toddler’s behaviour but you don’t have enough time for a meeting with your children’s teachers?

The lessons contain easy to follow and must-know tips that actually work, created and written with love and care to not only provide you with solutions to your problems but to motivate and inspire you to be the parent you always hoped you’d be.

If you join our club, you will be also invited to our exclusive group to connect you with fellow parents, who might have the same or similar problem like you, so they could give you advice or support you on the way of your parenting.

What is the goal of Wonder Toddlers Club?

When I was working as a Early Years Teacher, lots of parents shared their struggles with me and asked for my advice. They mainly asked about how to handle certain behaviours but they always added how they can’t seem to find enough time to spend with their children and also to make that time a quality one.

I understand why it is hard for you - you have to leave the house early and you only see your children in the afternoon or evening. By the end of the day you are tired - not like your toddler who is still full of energy and can’t stop jumping around - and can’t seem to have the power to cope with your kids’ behaviours.

"...offering you simple almost-like-magic tricks and tips that Early Years Professionals use everyday to handle successfully even the cheekiest toddlers."

Unfortunately, I can’t give you more time, but I can help you make the time you have happy, fun and memorable by offering you simple almost-like-magic tricks and tips that Early Years Professionals use everyday to handle successfully even the cheekiest toddlers.

What can you achieve with this membership?

•  You will be more confident and consistent in your parenting as you gain more knowledge about toddler’s development and behaviour.

•  Positive parenting skills - how to discipline your children without shouting and nagging and repeating yourself a million times.

•  You will be able to help your children in developing and improving their skills: communication and language, personal, social and emotional, physical development, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design.

•  You will spend that limited time you have with your children relaxed and happy as you will have a good behaviour management strategy.

How will your toddlers benefit from the club?

Every year of a child’s life is very important but the first 5 years give you a fantastic opportunity to make your child’s future as bright, happy, healthy as possible. This is the time when children learn appropriate behaviour, boundaries, empathy and many other important social skills that will remain with them for life.

If you set up a goal and you create your own behavioural management strategy with the help of our videos and eBooks, then your children will definitely benefit from all your effort.

Join Wonder Toddlers club Today!

Access our ever-growing library of parenting videos and eBooks to be the parent you always wanted to be. Get instant answers to your questions, get the support you need to help your child to be more confident, happy and independent.

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As a Member You will get:

Parenting Video Lessons

In your library, you will find parenting video lessons that I've created based on my and fellow experts' experience and knowledge. The videos are short and straight to the point, full of effective tips and tactics.

Currently there are 19 videos and 19 eBooks waiting for you!

You can watch them whenever and wherever you want! Also, new videos are added regularly and you can send me your topic suggestions, ideas on what videos I should make next.

We talk about topics such as potty training, fussy eating, tantrums, listening, cooperation...basically everything that you need to know about toddlers and how to help them develop and improve.

Parenting eBooks

I made the videos into eBooks, so you can download them and read them on the train going to work or before sleep... whenever and whenever you want. They are in a PDF format so they are perfect for reading on mobile as well.

You can send me your ideas and topic suggestions and I try to write about them, make them into eBooks to help you and other parents.

There are eBooks about lots of different topics such as potty training, fussy eating and tantrums.

Our Exclusive Group-Community

This is an Exclusive group for Wonder Toddlers Club Members to help each other on the way of parenting their toddlers.

The mission of this club is to provide a safe and comfortable place for busy parents, where they can share their stories, ideas and opinion easily and quickly on the go.

Members-only Webinars and more benefits

As a Wonder Toddlers Club Member, you will have the opportunity to attend members-only webinars and live Q&As with me and other Early Years Experts to keep your parenting skills sharp and have a great time.

Your membership also comes with other benefits, little surprises ; )


As a Wonder Toddlers Club Member, you will get instant, on-demand access to our entire and ever-growing library of step-by-step videos and eBooks.

Here are just few examples of the videos you are about to access...

If you become a member of Wonder Toddlers club

Your problems will be solved and your questions will be answered

This is a place, where you will find answers to your toddler related questions, where you can learn about toddler's development and behaviour,  you will learn the skills that will save you time and energy every day with less shouting, fighting, or resentment!

You get a Lifetime Access to Parenting Video Lessons and eBooks

From the moment of joining our club, you will get access to the parenting videos and eBooks, that you can watch and read whenever and wherever you want.

There will be new videos and eBooks added regulalry, so your library is constantly growing. I write and create the videos and eBooks by myself, but You can send me your ideas on what topic I should make a video about next! 

You can enjoy the benefits of our exclusive community

As a Wonder Toddler Club Member, You are going to receive an invitation to our exclusive community, where you can ask other parents for advice, post your funny toddler stories or give support to others.

Pssst!...also, you are going to be invited for our member-only webinars.

Get Instant Acces to Wonder Toddlers Club Now...

... and enjoy your parenting video and eBook library, the benefits of being a member of our exclusive community and let me help you to become the parent you want to be.

Join now for only £999 as a token of my appreciation!

Why only £999? Because, I'm so happy that you downloaded the 'How to get your toddler to listen immediately' video and eBook, that I want to help you more and more.

You have already made the first step to become the parent you would like to be for your child, now I would like to help you as much as I can.

And how can I help you more than giving you an Unlimited, Lifetime access to Wonder Toddlers Club? Yes, it is a one-time purchase, you pay only once and you don't need to pay any more, no hidden fees!

Is it worth it? Think about this:

  • You get the full package

    When you meet your friend and if you just go out for a coffee, you spend more than you would spend on your Wonder Toddlers Membership per day. For one year, our membership would cost around £2.73  less than a fancy frappuchino. And! Our membership doesn’t finish after a year, it is forever! You get a lifetime access. Plus, as a member, you get tons of video lessons and eBooks to help you solve your parenting issues. Also, in our community, you will be able to meet parents from around the World, share what you learnt from the videos and eBooks, your toddler stories and create friendships.

  • You save with Wonder Toddlers Club

    Other parenting video lessons, books and other membership programs are more expensive and your access will expire at one point. I did a lot of research, and I found that a single video lesson is around £15-60, a book or eBook is between £5-25 and other membership programs last for a year or even less. Your Wonder Toddlers Club Membership is forever and new videos and eBooks are added every month!

Here is a summary what you will get from Wonder Toddlers Club...

  • Unlimited Lifetime Access

    You pay only once and you get unlimited lifetime access to parenting video lessons and eBooks written and created by an Early Years Expert, me.

  • Learn how to develop and improve your toddler's skills

    You will learn about toddler’s behaviour and development, how to discipline without shouting and nagging and how to develop and improve their skills.

  • Learn new parenting skills and tactics

    I give you tested and working tips that will change your parenting forever and you won’t need any other website or book to look for answers to your toddler problems.

  • Members-only Webinars

    You will be invited to our special webinars, that is just for you, members. There will be presentations on toddler’s development, behaviour and education and on the topics, you suggest on our community’s wall.

  • Be a member of our exclusive community

    Be a member of our community where you can ask fellow parents for help and advice, you can share what you learnt from the videos and eBooks and to make new friends.

  • Giveaways and other surprises

    You get member-only giveaways and other surprises!

" Wonder Toddlers’ mission is to give support to busy parents, who would like to get quick but effective solutions to their toddler related questions, and who are not afraid to learn something new every day to make their children happier, more confident and to get them to reach their potentials.

Now, I'm super excited to show you the new feature of the website, the Wonder Toddlers Club. I created it to help parents on the way of their parenting and I know that the club is still in its infancy, but I hope that you will enjoy our video and eBook selection and find them useful regardless. "

I used to work as an Early Years Teacher and later Room Leader in a big and very busy nursery in London.

As I mentioned before, parents often asked my opinion and advice, but unfortunately, we had limited time in the nursery and parents were busy as well, so we rarely had enough time talk about the problems and come up with solutions.

Therefore, I was thinking about creating a website for parents, where I share my ideas and tips that I used and worked, so whenever they have some free time, they can read and learn about them.

Being determined to help parents and children somehow, come up with the idea of Wonder Toddlers and with my husband’s help and encouragement we built the website and we've been working on this project since then.

In the videos and eBooks and on some of the pages, you may come across with my illustrations, my little fingertips characters. Art is my other passion and I used to teach Art in primary schools at the beginning of my teaching career. Those funny characters are a reminder to me how joyful is to be with children and how wonderful they are.

Well, this is how it started and I wish to continue this journey with you to spread knowledge, experience, ideas and love for our children's brighter future!

Eva Matsumoto-Szentgyorgyi - Early Years and Parenting Consultant, founder of Wonder Toddlers