Have you got questions about your toddler's behaviour?

Do you want to know how to solve those problems by a help of a professional?

You can finally stop looking!

Wonder Toddlers Club offers parenting video lessons and eBooks written by an Early Years Professional to help parents raise their toddlers.

The club has a closed community as well where parents can help each other by sharing their own toddler stories and giving effective tips that they have already tried and working.

Watch the video to get to know how joining our club will solve all your toddler problems:

You get:

  • You get your own Library full of Parenting Video Lessons and eBooks
  • New videos and eBooks added every month
  • Invitation to our closed community where you can meet and help fellow parents
  • Members-only Webinars with me and other Early Years Professionals
  • Discount on Parenting Consulting and giveaways

Why You Should Join

Parenting is not easy...but I am here to help!

Your little baby just become a toddler and you already have lots of questions such as 'How can I stop my child kicking and hitting others?' or 'How can I handle his tantrums?' , am I right?

You are so busy that you don't even have time for a consultation with your child's teacher and don't even know where to look for answers?

⇒ I have some good news! I can help you to end your misery. Wonder Toddlers Club is for busy parents like you, who has got lots of questions about toddlers and want immediate solutions from a professional.

The club is my own creation and so it means a lot to me, because I always wanted to help parents by sharing my knowledge and experience and reassure them that they are not alone with their problems.

⇒ Your problems will be solved

This is a place, where you will find answers to your toddler related questions, where you can learn about toddler's development and behaviour and hang out with other fellow parents creating friendships and sharing toddler stories from around the World.

⇒ Parenting Video Lessons and eBooks

From the moment of joining our club, you will get access to the parenting videos and eBooks, that you can watch and read whenever and wherever you want.

There will be new videos and eBooks added every month, so your library is constantly growing. I write and create the videos and eBooks by myself, but You can send me your ideas on what topic I should make a video about next! 

⇒ Be a member of our closed community

As a Wonder Toddler Club Member You are going to receive an invitation to our closed community, where you can ask other parents for advice, post your funny toddler stories or give support to others.

By joining Wonder Toddlers Club, you will master your parenting and enjoy your stress-free days!

And also, you are going to be invited for member-only webinars, receive free gifts and get special offers!

As a Member You will get:

Parenting Video Lessons

In your library, you will find parenting video lessons that I've created based on my and fellow experts' experience and knowledge. The videos are short and straight to the point, full of effective tips and tactics.

Currently there are 19 videos and 19 eBooks waiting for you!

You can watch them whenever and wherever you want! Also, new videos are added regularly and you can send me your topic suggestions, ideas on what videos I should make next.

We talk about topics such as potty training, fussy eating, tantrums, listening, cooperation...basically everything that you need to know about toddlers and how to help them develop and improve.

Parenting eBooks

I made the videos into eBooks, so you can download them and read them on the train going to work or before sleep... whenever and whenever you want. They are in a PDF format so they are perfect for reading on mobile as well.

You can send me your ideas and topic suggestions and I try to write about them, make them into eBooks to help you and other parents.

There are eBooks about lots of different topics such as potty training, fussy eating and tantrums.

Our Community

You will be invited to our closed community, where you can meet fellow parents to exchange ideas and tips, share your stories and give each other advice on parenting.

Post about favourite books, toys or even your favourite place to go with your toddler at the weekend. You will have the opportunity to help others, receive help, make friends and have some fun.

Members-only Webinars and Special Offers

As a Wonder Toddlers Club Member, you will be entitled to exclusive deals and offers on our Parenting Consulting Service if you would need a one on one with me.

You will have the opportunity to attend members-only webinars with me and other Early Years Experts to keep your parenting skills sharp.

Be a Master of Parenting with Wonder Toddlers Club

Imagine, that you finally find a solution to your toddler problem...Imagine, that you can finally get rid of the stressful parenting days once and for all...

You learn about your toddler's development and behaviour, you learn about useful methods and you successfully use them. Your toddler is happy and confident, listen to you and cooperate with you.

No more shouting or nagging only joyful moments such as when your child puts the shoes on by himself or when he finally eats his broccoli... Imagine, that you become a master of parenting.

You will learn how to:

  • Discipline without shouting and nagging.

  • Develop and improve your toddler's skills.

  • Raise a happy and confident child.

  • Become a Master of Parenting

As a Member You will Get

  • Parenting Video Lessons
  • Downloadable Parenting eBooks
  • Be a member of our closed community
  • Attend members-only webinars
  • Discount on our Parenting Consulting Service
  • Giveaways such as videos and eBooks

How to use Wonder Toddlers Club to become a master of parenting?

  • Join us

    Join Wonder Toddlers Club by clicking on any of the pink buttons and receive your access information via email. You can immediately log in and start watching your parenting videos and read the eBooks.

  • Start watching the parenting video lessons

    Choose a topic you are interested in, then click on it and see all the videos that belong to that topic. You can stop the videos and watch them anytime and anywhere you want.

  • Download and read the eBooks

    Every video has got an eBook, that you can download, read later and keep it for yourself. The eBooks are short and straight to the point, because I know how busy you are. They are all in PDF format so it is easy to read even on mobil phones.

  • Be a member of our community

    After joining our club, you will receive an invitation from us to join our closed community where you can share your toddler stories with fellow parents and give each other advice.

  • Let's form the club together

    Wonder Toddlers Club is for you! The club exist for you, to help you in every ways possible. So, if you have an idea on what videos I should make next time, just let me know via our community platform.

  • Become a Master of Parenting

    By watching the videos, reading the eBooks and sharing your experience and knowledge with other parents, you will learn a tons of useful tips and effective methods to solve your problems and how to raise your toddler happy and confident, you will become a master of parenting!

Wonder Toddlers club Membership

Become a master of parenting:

Parenting Video and eBook Library + Closed Community

  • Unlimited-Lifetime Access: Join now for only £999 and Get Unlimited-Lifetime Access to our ever-growing parenting video and eBook library and Closed Community.
  • No hidden fees: Yes, it is a one-time purchase, you pay only once and you don't need to pay anymore, no hidden fees!
  • Unlimited Contents & Bonuses:Once you become a member of our club, we will give you as many useful and reliable contents such as new videos and eBooks every month and surprise free giveaways, members-only webinars as we can.
  • Parents Community: Plus, you will become a very important member of our closed community, where you can share your knowledge and experience with fellow parents and help each other to solve parenting issues.

〉 At your check out, you can pay via PayPal or you can use your credit or debit card.

Is it worth it? Think about this:

  • You get the full package

    When you meet your friend and if you just go out for a coffee and a muffin you spend more than you would spend on your Wonder Toddlers Membership per day. For one year, our membership would cost around £2.73, less than a fancy coffee at Starbucks. And! Our membership doesn’t finish after a year, it is forever! You get a lifetime access. Plus, as a member you get tons of video lessons and eBooks to help you solve your parenting issues. Also, in our community you will be able to meet parents from around the World, share what you learnt from the videos and eBooks, your toddler stories and create friendships.

  • You save with Wonder Toddlers Club

    Other parenting video lessons, books and other membership programs are more expensive and your access will expire at one point. I did a lot of research, and I found that a single video lesson is around £15-60, a book or eBook is between £5-25 and other membership programs last for a year or even less. Your Wonder Toddlers Club Membership is forever and new videos and eBooks are added every month!

and let's do not forget that...

  • Lifetime Access

    You pay only once and you get unlimited lifetime access to parenting video lessons and eBooks written and created by an Early Years Expert, me.

  • You will learn about your toddler

    You will learn about toddler’s behaviour and development, how to discipline without shouting and nagging and how to develop and improve their skills.

  • Share your knowledge and experience

    Be a member of our community where you can ask fellow parents for help and advice, you can share what you learnt from the videos and eBooks and to make new friends.

  • Discounts and Free Giveaways

    You will get discount on our Parenting Consulting Service and some free surprise giveaways such as videos and eBooks.

  • No more stressful parenting

    I give you tested and working tips that will change your parenting forever and you won’t need any other website or book to look for answers to your toddler problems.

  • Attend members-only webinars

    You will be invited to our special webinars, that is just for you, members. There will be presentations on toddler’s development, behaviour and education and on the topics you suggest on our community’s wall.

Get a Lifetime Access to Wonder Toddlers Club and Become a Master of Parenting

"Introducing Wonder Toddlers Club is so exciting for me, because with this club I can help more and more parents, who have toddler related questions, who need advice and effective tips from a professional.

I hold a bachelor's degree in Teaching Art (art is my other passion) and finished an intensive course on nursery management. I used to work as an Art Teacher and as an Early Years Teacher/Room Leader and now I use my knowledge and experience to write and create helpful and reliable contents for parents.

I hope we will see each other in the club, and I wish you happy parenting!"

A little bit about myself:

Hi, I am an Early Years and Parenting Consultant, currently living in London with my husband, Keisuke. As a teacher, I realised how little time I have for parents. There was never enough time for a deeper conversation and I felt that I abandon parents with their unsolved problems.

Therefore, I decided to create a website dedicated to toddlers and to their parents and open my parenting consultancy. Through blog post, eBooks, video lessons and consultations I share my experience, knowledge and help parents to find solutions to their problems.

Eva Matsumoto-Szentgyorgyi - Early Years and Parenting Consultant, founder of Wonder Toddlers