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How to get your toddler to cooperate

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    We talk about topics such as potty training, fussy eating, tantrums, listening, cooperation…basically everything that you need to know about toddlers and how to help them develop and improve. Also, new videos are added regularly.

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    I made the videos into eBooks, so you can download them and read them whenever you want. They are in a PDF format so they are perfect for mobile as well. New eBooks added regularly.

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    You will be invited to our special webinars, that is just for you, members. There will be presentations on toddler’s development, behaviour and education and on the topics, you suggest on our community’s wall.

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Parents say...

Wonder Toddlers Club is very insightful, and each week I learn a lot about my children and myself. The techniques and tips I learned have helped me parent more effectively and I've seen positive changes in my children as a result. I would highly recommend this club to anyone who's looking for ways to help their children become more independent and cooperative.

- Sarah, Mom of 2 years old

Eva's Wonder Toddlers Club allowed me to reflect upon my parenting choices. As a result of these reflections, I've become a more patient and confident parent. Subsequently, I've noticed my children are more sensible and calm. I'd encourage parents to consider joining the club as a 'check-in' to make sure they are heading in a positive direction.

- Jade, Mom of a 18 months old

Very useful. Understanding that there are no quick fixes but there are methods to be learnt that can help my child to develop his skills. I thoroughly enjoy the videos and eBooks and I really love the fact that I can watch them or read them anytime.

- Isabelle, Mom of two, 2yrs and 5yrs

It's time to solve those challenges...

Introducing the club is so exciting for me, because with this online library and community I can help parents like you to find solutions to various parenting challenges.

Before starting Wonder Toddlers, I used to work as an Art Teacher and later as an Early Years Teacher and Room Leader. I have more than 6 years of teaching experience, taught more than 150 students and helped many-many parents on the way.

That was an amazing period of my life as I could use my knowledge that I got from my studies and I gained so much experience… but there was one thing that made me feel like that what I do is perhaps not enough.

Effective tips and tactics online on-the-go

Parents often came to me for advice but we never really had the time to sit down and have a deeper conversation. This is when I realised that now it’s time for creating something for modern, busy parents like you, who could easily find solutions, effective tips and tactics online on-the-go. This is how the idea of Wonder Toddlers Club was born.

Create a positive change in your parenting

Wonder Toddlers Club is a clearly laid out online parenting library with simple and short videos and eBooks that show you exactly what to do in situations such as toddler tantrums, fussy eating or potty training. Join the club now and start to create a positive change in your parenting.

Eva Matsumoto-Szentgyorgyi - Early Years and Parenting Consultant, co-founder of Wonder Toddlers

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