The best parts of having children?

What are the best parts of having children?

I was browsing on Mumsnet Talk and came across with this message from a mother to be:

Most of the people who replied to this message think positively about having children and some of the messages really melted my heart. For example this one

or this one

For me, one of the best parts is when they show their love and try to comfort you in their own way. When after 5 hours of sleep and 2 Americanos you enter the classroom in the morning, they scream your name and run towards you to tackle you down to the floor with their kisses. This is when you feel that writing all those reports at night was worth doing. When I see a little baby walking, learning to jump, memorising a song, counting to 10… by the end of the year he is not a baby anymore, my mission ends here. It’s complete.

So, what is your opinion? What are the best parts of having children or working with them?

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