Parents, just keep going and look at the bright side!

Parents, just keep going and look at the bright side!

A little motivational post about toddlers to cheer you up.

Dear parents,

If your little one is 1, 2 or 3-year-old, then you have a toddler. Congratulations!

These years are amazing.

Why should you embrace these years?

Because we can see them blossoming: they change their shape and size, they sharpen their mind by memorizing things in a heartbeat and they suddenly start to wonder about their life and ask, ‘What is it?’ and ‘Why?’.

You get the chance to connect with your child in a different way than before all because of the followings above. That connection allows you to raise and teach them in a way you think it’s the best.

Children are like little aliens

My very good friend and ex-colleague once told me, that she read a fantastic article, in which the author compares babies to aliens. I could not agree with this more. Before I was thinking about children as computers – you get what you programmed. It does not sound too nice and friendly, so now I would like to talk about that children-alien metaphor.

So, our little “aliens” have just arrived into the World. They cannot speak our language and they are not familiar with our traditions, cultures and do not know the difference between good and bad. It is our task to teach them everything we possibly can. Also, we need to make sure, that our little ones enjoy their stay on Earth.

You can’t wait to start the mornings stress-free? Do you need somebody’s opinion and advice on how to deal with toddlers? I can help you via email consultation.

When your aliens become toddlers

When your aliens become toddlers, they will put or at least try to put everything into practice, what they have learnt and observed earlier, when they were babies.

They start to talk, express themselves in different ways, explore, ask questions, create and think, pushing boundaries… Oh! Pushing boundaries.

I know, I know what’s in your mind: ‘They won’t share, they think that everything belongs to them… they will say no and have tantrums at least once a day.’

But don’t be afraid! The aliens will not eat you alive. Unless… you let them do that, of course. So, it is very important to remember, that you are a role model: parent, teacher, friend and hero all in one.

Enjoy and use these years to your advantage, they grow up so fast…

Wish you all the best,


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