What can toddlers learn through play?

What can toddlers learn through play?

5 quick reads for busy parents

1.) Voice of Play – Benefits of play

Photo from Voice of Play’s website

This article seems to cover all of the benefits of play! Easy to read, straight to the point and full of interesting facts about playing. Expand your knowledge here: Voice of Play

2.) Family Lives – How children learn through play

Photo from Family Lives’s website

It is a short article but reading it will give you some ideas how children learn through play and you get some activity tips, too! Read it here: Family Lives

3.) Under5s – The plus side of play dates

Photo from Under5s’s website

6 reasons why you should consider play dates. Very quick read here: Under5s

4.) Bounty – Having fun while learning

Photo from Bounty’s website

If you are extremely busy, just have a look at this extremely short article. You will quickly learn about the benefits of play and get some activity ideas, too. Here you go: Bounty

5.) naeyc – 10 Things every parent should know about play

Photo from naeyc’s website

One of my favourite websites to look for articles so I highly recommend it to you, too. 10 simple reasons why children must play. Get to know the answers now: naeyc

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