10 Last minute SUPER EASY Easter Activities

10 Last minute SUPER EASY Easter Activities for toddlers

…and for their parents and teachers

If you are like me, you just realised… Easter is here already on this Sunday! and you probably haven’t even thought about activities or decoration at all…


I collected the EASIEST Easter activities for you and your little ones : )

Bunny rabbit masks and hats

By Little Hearts, Big Love

“Another simple paper plate/paper bowl Easter crafts activity.  The masks are made from a paper plate with the middle cut out and cotton wool balls stuck around the edges of the plate with PVA glue.” Read more

“The hat was made in a very similar way. The cotton wool balls were stuck on to a paper bowl and rabbit ears added using craft foam.” Continue here

Matching egg Easter activity

I found this on Pinterest, but unfortunately, the link didn’t take me to a proper website. So, I’m sorry that I can’t give credit to anyone.

Jelly Bean experiment

By Crafty Morning

Pom Pom Painting

“If your kids are bored of just painting with a paintbrush, consider trying pom poms with clothespins! You can make an awesome Easter egg craft using them!” Visit the website here.

Easter Egg Potato Stamping

“Got any potatoes going bad? We did so we thought we’d try to make Easter egg potato stamps! It actually turned out great and could be used to make homemade Easter cards, etc.” Continue reading here

Sensory play tub with carrots

By NurtureStore

“Sensory tubs are wonderful for children to play with. They offer opportunities to explore sights, sounds, smells and textures, and promote lots of imaginary play and language development. There are three basic ingredients you need for a sensory tub…” Continue here

Egg Scoop

By Toddler Approved

“Plastic eggs are pretty much the most versatile toys around and so fun to use with toddlers in a variety of ways!” Read here

Bubble Wrap Easter Egg

By No time for flash cards

“Gather your materials. You will need some paper, bubble wrap (the big ones works well), paint, a tray or plate for paint, brushes (love ours from craftprojectideas.com), some painter’s tape… ” Continue reading here

Carrot footprints

By One Krieger Chick

“What You’ll need: painted footprints, strips of green for carrot top, and tape.” Read here

I hope I could help : ) For more creative and educational activities for toddlers, visit my Pinterest Board here. Thank you and Happy Easter for you and your family!

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